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Students at Fresno City College touring automotive class

Students at Kings Canyon High School are encouraged every day to reach their fullest potential.  Teams of teachers, support staff and administrators work to provide a school climate that is welcoming and encourages students' academic, social, emotional and behavioral growth.  Students are immersed in academics that are in alignment with the California State Standards.  Consistently students have shown growth on state tests in the areas of math and English language arts.  Our students have ranked the highest in the state of California on the state tests for 5 years in a row. 

We firmly believe that students must connect to lessons. We focus on a student center approach involving the four R's. Rigor, Relationships, Reflection, and Relevance. Relevance is important in connecting students to the lessons so that they can become actively engaged in the lessons. For example, students can often be seen out physically measuring the area and perimeter of the school’s garden or using math to design and build benches for the garden as opposed to completing a paper to pencil task. In English classes students are dissecting contemporary issues that have meaningful social and cultural connections to them. Students must engage in lessons that have purpose and meaning in their lives. At KCHS, teachers teach the same standards as the comprehensive sites, but are extremely creative in their pedagogy. Making real life connections through several social, cultural, and ethnic lenses is critical.


KCHS believes in student success through the lens of a whole child approach. Students can earn quarterly awards for attendance, behavior, and academics. Students also can participate in reward trips, a senior trip, as well as various field trips. We offer many career and technical courses. Graduating students are encouraged to apply for our Ed Options Scholarships. 

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